Productivity Improvement through Skill Development


What is RCA Rt?

The innovative approach to Root Cause Analysis developed by SIRF Roundtables (RCA Rt) has rightly received enthusiastic acceptance by many companies around Australia. Its highly structured and easily learned approach, tackles the correction of unacceptable CONDITIONS as well as the prevention of unacceptable EVENTS. As such, its enormous potential to generate productivity improvements is gaining wide-spread acceptance in Australian industry.

Many companies (ie. Powercoal, Orica, Incitec, Onesteel, BHP Steel, Pivot, VAW) have started to reap the benefits by training a substantial part of their work force (in some cases their entire work force) in RCA Rt.
For more information on RCA Rt visit the website of SIRF Roundtables. (See "Links")

What is the RCA Rt Support Program?

The RCA Rt Support Program is offered to those companies whose work force has gone through the 2-day RCA Rt training program. This program offers 10 site-visits + ongoing access to expert assistance and advice between visits, over a period of 12months.

The program is designed to maintain the initial momentum provided by the RCA Rt workshop(s) and to ensure that its full potential for productivity improvement and reduced operating costs will be achieved. The program also aims to stimulate further interest in Root Cause Analysis amongst your work force and to establish a "critical mass" of people in your company dedicated to this approach. This would ensure that a sustained culture of Continuous Improvement using effective problem solving techniques, becomes a feature of your company.

Why the RCA Rt Support Program?

RCA Rt has a huge potential for improving production efficiency and for reducing operating costs. However, newly learned techniques often run the risk of being under-utilised because of the pressures of day to day and emergency work. Newly acquired skills are initially regarded as an "extra" and are not immediately adopted as an integral part of the standard approach. Consequently there is a tendency for these skills to be side-lined under the relentless pressures of day to day work. Your local "Champion" often has a major task in maintaining the initial momentum and ensuring continued commitment to new initiatives. However, this person has usually other responsibilities as well and would like to move on, to address further improvement opportunities for your company. The RCA Rt Support Program aims to help out in this situation.

How does it work?

An accredited facilitator and expert in RCA Rt will actively follow up the projects started by the workshop participants over a period of twelve months following the initial workshops. Through site visits and on going contact he will provide assistance and advice relating to all aspects of the application of RCA Rt in your plant He will introduce a level of accountability to ensure ongoing commitment by your workforce. On the site visits (approximately one per month) he will monitor progress on current RCA projects and provide guidance and assistance where required. He will also assist in identifying and kick-starting new projects to ensure continuity of effort. In between site visits he will be accessible to your workforce to provide advice and assistance by phone and e-mail and will initiate phone contacts himself to monitor progress and to ensure ongoing commitment to current projects.

What will it achieve for my company?

Joining the RCA Rt Support Program will ensure the following outcomes for your company:

  • The initial momentum and enthusiasm provided by the RCA Rt workshop(s) will be maintained.
  • Gentle pressure and accountability will be introduced to ensure that the newly learned skills will continue to be used in your workplace.
  • RCA projects started during the workshop will be completed.
  • New RCA projects will be identified, initiated and completed.
  • The newly acquired skills of your workforce will be fine-tuned and perfected over a 12 month period.
  • Effective on-site support for RCA Rt software ensuring maximum effectiveness of effort and maximum leverage of benefits for the resources used.
  • More people will get involved in improvement activities. Over time this will result in a "critical mass" of people using RCA Rt, resulting in a self sustaining culture of Continuous Improvement with ongoing benefits for production efficiency and cost reduction.


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